Nearly 140 representatives of civil society organizations across Bulgaria have increased their technological capacity through the Technologies for Good Causes Initiative 2017. Seventy-one percent of the participants say the new training format is more convenient compared to training provided in person.

In response to popular demand, this year TechSoup’s Bulgaria partner Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation held its annual Technologies for Good Causes NGO Day courses online. Within a month, participants went through interactive online tutorials about Office 365, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel.

This new online format enables more participation from different parts of the country and provides access to more than one course at a time.

According to a survey, which included 116 of all 140 participants, 71% say that the new format is more convenient compared to attending in person. And 68% say that the new format is more efficient.

Most participated in two of the five topics (PowerPoint and Excel) within the Technologies for Good Causes curriculum. According to the survey, 42% were involved in training on two topics, 19% on one topic, 16% on four, 14% on three, and 9% on five. The initiative provides a chance for online students to choose the topic and level of training for themselves: Office 365 for Beginners, PowerPoint for Beginners, PowerPont for Advanced, Access for Beginners, and Advanced Excel.

Topics were selected following a preliminary survey conducted by the Foundation in March 2017 which responded to various challenges faced by nonprofits in Bulgaria, from the creation of a database, to the presentation of results and reports, to the promotion of each organization’s mission.

PowerPoint and Excel trainings were attended by the largest number of civil society organizations, which 57.1% receiving advanced PowerPoint advanced training, followed by PowerPoint for beginners (23.8%) and advanced Excel (14.3%). Students in these courses pointed to these topics as the most useful for the organizations they work for.

One hundred and five survey participants say they need more online training, with the most preferred topics being: promoting NGO work online through better marketing, fundraising for NGOs, working with photo processing programs, and first steps in web design.

The Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation will publish updated information on upcoming online trainings on its website:

Technologies for Good Causes is possible again this year thanks to the support of Microsoft Bulgaria, which has been a partner of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation since 2009. In addition to supporting the Technologies for Good Causes Initiative, the Microsoft also supports the civil society sector in Bulgaria as a whole by donating licensed software products through the TechSoup Bulgaria platform.