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Breakfast With Change Makers from CEE

May 31 – June 2,  The European Foundation Centre Annual General Assembly Conference took place in Warsaw. TechSoup and The Unit for Social Innovation and Research “Shipyard”  organised Breakfast with change makers from CEE, during which invited activists from grass-roots organisations, local communities, citizens movements, and social hackers from CEE were presenting their work around […]


Meet Hungarian NGO Awardees 2017

As a nonprofit expert and long-time sector developer in Hungary, TechSoup Europe partner NGO, NIOK Foundation has created its NGO Awards to showcase and reward initiatives, achievements and cooperative partnerships which improve opportunities for deprived or disadvantaged groups, which raise awareness about current pressing social issues, and which present solutions to the problems at hand. Last […]


Bulgaria: “Technologies For Good” In A New Format

In 2017 the annual NGO Day in Bulgaria organized by Microsoft changed its format. Now representatives of NGOs and cultural centers can participate in trainings from anywhere with a good internet connection. Read the story by our partner – the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation. This year, there’s a new format for the annual event […]


Community solution frees up over €4.5m per year for Irish addiction charities

Enclude, are TechSoup’s partner in Ireland.  In addition to offering the donated and discounted software to charities through the Techsoup Technology Donation Programme, they provide customized solutions to 100s of Irish charities to support their core ‘business’.  Individual solutions can transform individual organisations and greatly free up resources to deal with clients.  However, where charities […]


GURT: Supporting Ukrainian Civil Journalists Volunteers

Last month our Ukrainian partner – GURT organized two days workshop “Necessary skills to create a socially useful content” for civil journalists-volunteers. It was a part of the special media project “Information for conscious actions: hear the voice of people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine”, which aims to provide Ukrainian civil society organisations […]


Austria: IT Know-How For A Good Cause

Since 2015 our Austrian partner – have been conducting computer courses for NGO professionals. Since then more than 200 workers of local, national, or international non-profit organizations have profited from this simple but innovative service. Instructors show participants that even Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Outlook or other software, which might have been familiar to everybody, can still surprise […]


Our Support for Hungarian Civil Society

As a member of the European Foundation Centre together with more than 60 members of the EFC – including major philanthropic organisations from across Europe and the United States – we have joined a larger coalition in issuing a statement in support of Hungarian civil society in this challenging moment.   Civil society is under […]


Technological Needs Of NGOs In Bulgaria – Report

TechSoup Bulgarian partner the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) survey of the technological needs of NGOs in Bulgaria shows that the main challenge for the sector is not enough hardware to effectively carry out their programs. WCIF focused their March 2017 survey on 100 civil society organisations in order to identify the technology capabilities of NGOs, […]


Large Check Marketing Campaign

In the past year Stifter-helfen supported a wide range of non-profit s with donations, which often amount to nearly 60,000€ worth of products for each organisation. To celebrate this, Stifter-helfen in cooperation with Microsoft visited several local charities to congratulate them on the large amount of donations they obtained. The local and national press attended in […]


TechSoup Europe Interactive Way of eLearning

It’s hard to find good webinars addressed to the needs of civil society, instead of business. The TechSoup Europe Network takes the challenge to produce webinars addressing social topics with a  local context and in various languages.   In the end of February 2017, participants from 11 countries from our network practiced together various aspects […]


NetSquared – Local #Tech4Good Meetups

What if there was an easy way to create local #Tech4Good meetups where your members could come together to teach each other how to use technology? What if you could create a “bat signal” that would attract nonprofits who aren’t registered for TechSoup yet? Well there is!   TechSoup’s NetSquared program gathers nonprofits, activists, and […]


TechSoup Poland Refurbished Hardware Program

In 2010 Fundacja TechSoup initiated refurbished hardware program for non-profits in Poland. Since then, hundreds of Polish non-profits have improved their tech capacity thanks to professionally refurbished hardware. Last year, TechSoup Poland significantly boosted cooperation with our local refurbisher partner. Read short success story about it.   In 2010 Fundacja TechSoup (FTS) initiated a refurbished […]


NGOs and Technology in Romania 2016 Report

As an advocate for effectively using technology for social good, Asociatia Techsoup wanted to research Romanian NGO’s and their current use of technology. “NGOs and Technology in Romania” is the first national report on this topic helping to build a strong image of the current technological situation of NGOs in Romania. It answers fundamental questions […]


Techsoup Sweden: A Digitalization Partner For NGOs

For last few months, TechSoup Sweden have been looking for the best solution to be more relevant for NGOs. TechSoup wanted to be seen more as a digitalization partner than only a donation partner; that’s how TechSoup Kompetens was created. Last year TechSoup Sweden did a survey among all registered organizations in Sweden asking what […]


Hour of Code 2016 With Asociatia Techsoup And Microsoft Romania

Over 700 secondary school students from 8 cities in Romania have attended Hour of Code “Minecraft” events organized by Asociatia Techsoup and Microsoft. The goal was to encourage youth with computer programming and foster a passion for coding. Students from 8 cities in Romania learned to code their first computer program with the help of […]

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