EU Code Week 2017: Take a Tour Through MEEt and Code Events!

In 15 years programming classes in schools will probably be as natural as reading. During EU Code Week 2017 (October, 7-22), together with TechSoup Europe’s partners from 15 Middle and Eastern European countries, we reached 30,000 participants supporting nearly 600 events under Meet and Code logo, an initiative funded by SAP.


Curious about our work? Here you can find a short summary of the initiative and see our impact:


The Idea

This year’s fifth edition of the EU Code Week took place in October, 7-22. Among hundreds of events, a significant number was organized by nonprofit organizations within MEEt and Code – an initiative that promoted coding among children and youth aged 6-28, funded by SAP and implemented by TechSoup Europe partners.

Our aim

We believe that local nonprofit organizations not only have a deep understanding of their community needs, but are also able to bridge the digital division across the countries. Their activities are, however, often too limited by insufficient resources. To address this challenge, SAP and 12 partners from TechSoup Europe Network reached out to hundreds of nonprofits, which wanted to develop coding and digital skills for children & youth. Most of these NGOs were small and medium-sized organizations that operate at the local level. Together we funded nearly 600 initiatives in 280 cities, with the total value of grants exceeding 200 000 EUR.

Our results

MEEt and Code 2017 covered in total 15 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine.


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