The TechSoup Europe Network equips civil society organisations with transformative technology products, knowledge, and services. Together we power up social impact in Europe.

We are a European division of TechSoup that has partnered with civil society capacity building organisations. Together we serve a community of over 575 000 civil society organisations in the region so they may benefit from technology, focus on their mission, and make social change.

Through collaboration and partnership, we make technology social.

TechSoup Europe Network creates a space for an exchange of ideas and best practices,  as well as new cross-border collaborations between network partners. By holding workshops and thematic working groups we develop partners capacities, so they may better serve their communities.

We learn from each other

Learn about DLNGO project or DTS4SS.

We know the nonprofit sector in Europe

Many partners prepared reports based on national surveys about nonprofits technological needs.

We do projects together

Check Meet and Code initiative or DIGILEAD or ICT4NGO.

Check the list of partners



TechSoup Europe Education Strategy

TechSoup Europe is shaping its education strategy. Thanks to European funds, partners can meet on a regular basis, exchange best practices in developing and implementing training programs and create new ones! DIGILEAD – Advancement of Digital Transformation of Social Sector with the Use of Open Badges Recognition System November 6 -7, TechSoup partners cooperating within […]


TechSoup Europe Education Strategy Development

We are happy to announce that in order to continue the investment in TechSoup Europe Education Program partners from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Northern Macedonia and Poland supported by partners from Italy, Sweden, and Turkey soon will start a new Erasmus+ Mobility project. This time we will focus on the internal development and training of […]


Meet and Code Grants Available Until September 8

Until September 8, nonprofits from 25 European countries may apply for Meet and Code grants. Get 300-500 euro and promote coding and digital skills! It is the high time to prepare yourself for upcoming European Code Week (5 – 20 October 2019) and prepare great coding event for participants aged  8 – 24! We encourage nonprofits to cooperate with teachers, […]


EU Code Week 2017: Take a Tour Through MEEt and Code Events!

In 15 years programming classes in schools will probably be as natural as reading. During EU Code Week 2017 (October, 7-22), together with TechSoup Europe’s partners from 15 Middle and Eastern European countries, we reached 30,000 participants supporting nearly 600 events under Meet and Code logo, an initiative funded by SAP.   Curious about our work? Here you […]


Call for Training – Reach your Audience with Persuasive Storytelling

Warsaw, 12-14 December 2017 This training is to help TechSoup Europe Network partner organizations’ staff acquire skills and tools to more effectively communicate with target groups. Regardless of whether you work in marketing or in social activities, if you need to constantly look for best media formats and strategies to convey your message to increase outreach and […]


What Next For Digital Social Innovation?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an impressive growth in projects and organisations using digital technologies such as open hardware, open data and crowdsourcing to tackle social challenges which inspire examples of scale and partnerships with public services. But what next? This question was addressed at last week’s conference organized by Nesta.   The […]


TechSoup Global Network Power

March 28 – 30, 2017, NGOs from 50 countries, who operate together as the TechSoup Global Network, gather for three days in San Francisco to reflect on the political, social, and economic challenges in the world and chart a path for strengthening civil society. 28 partner organisations from TechSoup Europe Network were also there! 6th […]


TechSoup Global Network Summit

Rebecca Masisak, TechSoup CEO: TechSoup Global Network: A Unique Force for Social Change This week, NGOs from 50 countries, who operate together as the TechSoup Global Network, will gather for three days in San Francisco. Collectively, the Network connects over 800,000 NGOs in 236 countries and territories to donations of products, services, time and funding, and […]


TechSoup Europe Partner Meeting, Warsaw 2016

On October 26 -28, more than 100 representatives of TechSoup Europe Partners gathered in Warsaw for 3 days of getting inspiration, peer to peer learning, exchanging knowledge and experience. Our intention was to think about the future, go beyond the borders in identifying how our network can improve its ongoing impact and focus beyond access […]

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