Microsoft held a NGO Day on April 7th with over a hundred NGOs to promote cloud computing and the Microsoft donation program.

The event started with Microsoft Turkey Director of Education and Corporate Social Responsibility Anıl Çekiç’s presentation on Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility activities, and continued with an introduction to the Microsoft donation program delivered by Microsoft public sector coordinators Gözde Şen and Simge Tanrıbilir.

Throughout the event Microsoft experts introduced Microsoft Cloud technologies to civil society organizations represented in the audience, and focused on how they can best use Azure and O365. Civil Society Development Center (STGM) Communication Coordinator Özgür Mehmet Kütküt gave a presentation on how cloud computing brings solutions to civil society’s technological problems.  He emphasised that regardless of the scale of an organisation, cloud computing will increase productivity with project management, data visualisation and e-mail solutions.

Techsoup Turkey Coordinator Özlem Kocaadam described Microsoft Cloud donation program eligibility criteria for NGOs. (In order to request $5,000 in annual Azure credits and benefit from the O365 nonprofit offer, NGOs need to sign up with Techsoup Turkey and follow the assessment procedure.) Eligible organisations then use their validation tokens in the Microsoft system to request Microsoft Cloud offers.

The diversity of civil society organizations attending – and the interest shown by participants – made for a lively event!