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Asociatia Techsoup Romania is an independent Romanian NGO that empowers civil sector organisations to operate at their full potential by providing them with affordable technology resources and knowledge.

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Since 2010, Asociatia Techsoup Romania has been serving a growing community of (currently +1800) Romanian NGOs by providing them with access to affordable technology in partnership with TechSoup. As of 2015, Asociatia Techsoup Romania also operates in Moldova, facilitating the access of Moldovan NGOs to the TechSoup Donation Program. Asociatia Techsoup Romania furthers philanthropy and civil sector engagement in Romania by bringing together nonprofits, local municipalities, private sector companies and communities through projects such as:

  • Digital School for NGOs – Organising training around using technology and online tools to increase the capacity of non-profits. More than 1000 employees and volunteers of NGOs in Romania have benefited so far from the training.
  • Online NGO – Increasing the capacity of local NGOs to manage projects, raise funds and increase the number of supporters by making effective use of online tools and services.
  • Financial education for NGOs – Developed a set of trainings and a financial literacy guide for NGOs useful for any organisation seeking to become more professional in managing their finances.
  • Acceleration of corporate philanthropy and CSR – Fostering local partnerships between the Romanian NGO sector and the local ICT industry to promote a more open society and more a participatory citizenship, both among corporations and individuals
  • Opening Opportunities – Creating meaningful interactions with technology for youth and promoting computer science as a powerful enabler for tomorrow’s professionals and citizens. This nationally awarded program has empowered thousands of high school students and continues to grow.
  • For additional information please see Asociatia Techsoup Romania’s 2015 annual report 

Donation Portal: TechSoup Romania

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