Haus des Stiftens gGmbH

Haus des Stiftens gGmbH is a non-profit entity that operates as a charitable limited company. Haus des Stiftens gGmbH offers a broad range of services and support to charitable foundations, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations to help them fulfill their social mission.

Haus des Stiftens gGmbH began in 1995 by offering services for charitable foundations such as advice, administration, legal, and accounting. Since then, it has continuously broadened its service portfolio and its reach into the non-profit world. Haus des Stiftens now supports more than 1,200 charitable foundations, but also social enterprises, and over thousands of non-profit organisations to help them fulfill their social mission across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In 2008, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH lauched, the donation portal, in partnership with TechSoup. Well over 30,000 non-profit organisations are now registered with and have received around 800,000 products with a retail value of around 236 million Euros. In 2012, after its success in Germany, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH also launched the donation portal in Austria, in partnership with TechSoup and the Austrian Fundraising Association.The Austrian Fundraising Association is a non-profit organisation that aims to increase professionalism in fundraising and to improve the social, economic, and legal conditions for non-profits. Since the beginning of the portal, Austrian non-profits have received over 26,000 donated products with a retail value of approximately 9 million Euros. In 2013, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH launched the Swiss donation portal in partnership with TechSoup. Since then, over 12,300 donated products with a retail value of approximately 6.3 million Swiss Francs, approximately 5.8 million Euros, have been distributed through in Switzerland. also runs a hardware program ‘Hardware wie Neu‘, which procures refurbished, fully functional hardware for non-profits at cost price. This program was launched in Germany in 2011, Austria followed in 2012 and Switzerland in 2015. Since then, well over 26,000 PCs, laptops, flat screens, printers, servers, and the like have gone to support German, Austrian and Swiss non-profits. also collaborates with IT donors to implement programs to accelerate companies’ CSR goals. For example, organises and runs webinars with IT partners and other speakers, e.g. lawyers, social media consultants etc., to build digital competencies within the non-profit community. It also brings Microsoft’s online ad donation program to the non-profit sector in Germany, runs the APPSTOSS AWARD supported by SAP which brings together innovative smartphone apps and the youth football community, and offers an IT consultancy week in close cooperation with a charitable IT system vendor.


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