Institute of the Information Society (IIS)

Institute of the Information Society (IIS) is an independent research and service organisation founded in 1998, specialising in information technology, telecommunications, and information policy.

One of the major tasks of the IIS is to open digital opportunities to all NGOs in Russia and support their full-fledged development within the emerging information society and knowledge economy. IIS publishes the international information and analytical journal Information Society. The journal is the oldest professional Russian-language publication that comprehensively covers different aspects of IT use for development. IIS’s work with information society and knowledge economy involves:

  • Research on its development
  • Examination of draft laws and other normative acts aimed at its development
  • Political, socio-economic and scientific-technical forecasting
  • Assessment, development and implementation of programs and projects aimed at its development
  • Dissemination of knowledge, including the creation and distribution of printed, electronic, audio and video
  • Promotion of international cooperation in its development

IIS manages the InfoDonor donation program that was launched in partnership with TechSoup.

Donation Portal: InfoDonor

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