Les Ateliers du Bocage

Les Ateliers du Bocage (ADB) is a social cooperative organisation, and part of the social economy branch of Emmaüs France. ADB’s mission is to reduce the digital divide and support the social integration of individuals and associations. ADB focuses on job creation in the areas of e-waste, recycling, and reuse. It advocates for the reuse of equipment and facilitates access to computer hardware for individuals and NGOs.

ADB started as a small community of people with disabilities in 1977. In 1992, ADB was set up as a social enterprise. ADB specialises in the collection, refurbishment, and redistribution of used computers, mobile phones, and ink cartridges. It operates as a business dedicated to the proper recycling of equipment to be redistributed towards solidarity action programs such as elderly people, non-profits, kids with dyslexia, etc. In 2008, in partnership with TechSoup, ADB launched the ADB Solidatech donation program to enhance the impact of associations, public libraries and French foundations through digital inclusion. ADB Solidatech supports non-profits in developing their digital skills through educational content, newsletters, webinars, workshops, training through “Schoolidatech”. ADB Solidatech also coordinates projects of digital inclusion and social innovation which involves non-profits, companies and public organisations such as Ordyslexie and Silver Geek. ADB Solidatech won La France s’engage in 2015, awarded by the French President and the Total Foundation seeking socially innovative initiatives through online voting. The funding will go towards developing ADB Solidatech over two years.

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