Metamorphosis Foundation

Metamorphosis is an independent, non-partisan non-profit foundation whose mission is to contribute to the development of democracy and improving the quality of life through innovative application and dissemination of knowledge.

Metamorphosis began in 1999 as part of the e-publishing program of the Foundation Open Society Macedonia. In 2004 it became a separate legal entity. In 2014, Metamorphosis became a regional partner of TechSoup, serving the Balkans in partnership with the Mozaik Foundation. Program areas of Metamorphosis are as follows: social innovations, environment, human rights, good governance. Activities of the organisation are as follows:

  • Organise training such as social media for promotion and activism, web journalism, processing of audio and video content, web design, etc.
  • Develop innovative ways of learning, the digitisation of educational resources, open approach that allows free access to peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly journal articles, promotion and distribution of open educational resources, adaptation, localisation, creating guidelines and the distribution of free software.
  • Education and advocacy to raise awareness of electronic waste, green IT, reduction of harmful materials, maximize energy efficiency and product life and promoting recycling and biodegradability of products and waste.
  • Development of democracy through innovative application and dissemination of knowledge, and also support the use of new technologies to create new spaces allowing public debate and exchange of objective information, along with efforts to increase digital literacy and the fight against hate speech.
  • Raise the awareness of opinion formers and decision makers at national and regional level through the collection of local and foreign experts and local journalists, politicians and other relevant stakeholders of lectures, conferences, seminars, open debates and online forums.
  • Sub-grant to NGOs on projects that promote networking and enable grassroots organisations to tackle issues that the foundation focuses on.
  • Promote freedom of media, freedom of expression, access to information, empower citizens to hold the media accountable, encourage journalists in the implementation of their professional standards by providing online tools and resources for public education and raising awareness.


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