MISSS (Youth Information and Counseling Center in Slovenia)

MISSS is a large youth focused organisation in Slovenia which operates through 16 youth centers across Slovenia that support young people with diverse counseling and information programmes. Along with their work with youth, MISSS supports a host of other activities such as support for NGOs, support services for immigrant families, and training and facilitating volunteerism.

MISSS launched the TechSoup Slovenia donation program in partnership with TechSoup in 2009.

MISSS’s social assistance programmes commonly focus on children, youth and their parents, socially disadvantaged, teachers, educators, counselors in schools, other experts, and NGOs through activities such as:

  • Counseling and development of a positive self image and to adopt responsible behaviour
  • Training volunteers to work with young people and training young people to offer support to their peers
  • Professional training and seminars for teachers and other professional staff
  • Leading a variety of thematic workshops and trainings to enable a different approach and thinking of young people with a view to establishing an equal and genuine dialogue
  • Providing informal education in the basics of computer for vulnerable groups (the unemployed, children, immigrants, etc)
  • Assistance in setting up local information and counseling centers for young people


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