Mozaik Foundation

Mozaik Foundation is a social enterprise that provides financial and advisory support to community initiatives across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The Mozaik Foundation supports community building through the development of young social entrepreneurs who will create new economic and social value and become a role model for other youth.

The Mozaik Foundation was founded in 2002 to encourage the development of rural communities. Today, Mozaik is a leading social entrepreneurial organisation in the region, whose vision is to promote an economically and socially strong BiH. In 2014, Mozaik became a regional partner of TechSoup, serving the Balkans in partnership with the Metamorphosis Foundation. Mozaik mobilises local resources and sustainability of social and economic development through programmes such as:

  • M-stream Programme – Provide a safe and supportive environment for youth to identify and develop their entrepreneurial skills. M-stream consists of capacity building, assessment tools, innovation tournaments and youth-led social innovation projects that mobilise local communities.
  • M-seed Programme – Provide a safe and supportive environment to the most promising youth to further advance through a competency model and curriculum. M-Seed consists of a business innovation tournament, social business incubator, and a social business accelerator
  • Sign for Sustainability – Promote local philanthropy, local communities and a long term self sustainability of civil society in six countries of the Western Balkans. Transfer and promote best practices for philanthropy, CSR and local resource mobilisation.
  • EkoMozaik Ltd. – An agricultural social business owned by Mozaik that generates income and directs all of its profits through Mozaik Foundation to developmental projects in BiH.
  • Agency MaŠta – A creative agency that organises events, offers public relation services, develops design and visual communication campaigns for primarily NGO and business sectors.

Donation Portal: TechSoup Balkans

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