FORUM – National Forum for Voluntary Organizations

The National Forum for Voluntary Organisations (Forum) is an umbrella non-profit organisation founded in 1993 for civil society organisations (CSOs) working within the social sphere in Sweden. Forum’s goal is to improve the opportunities for voluntary social work within Sweden through influencing public opinion, facilitating knowledge exchange, and introducing new methods of work.

Forum aims to improve the opportunities for civil society to participate in the creation of a better society through:

  • Influencing politicians in order to modernise both the financial support provided as well as laws and rules in place for civil engagement.
  • Acting as intermediary for volunteer engagement through Volontärbyrån by matching non-profits with volunteers.
  • Monitoring and spreading knowledge about civil society in Sweden through programmes like the Morning Forum which is Forum’s own seminars through sectoral talks, idea generation, debates, and contributes to increased knowledge between civil society, corporations, and public sector.
  • Operating several projects to improve the conditions for CSOs and partake in political discourse such as:
  • Civil society of trust and democracy project – Strengthening civil society and the state’s efforts to combat violent extremism and other anti-democratic expression by developing methods and tools for how CSOs can work to counter extremism.
  • Projects to promote non-profit diversity and inclusion as well as increased participation of youth in municipality policy making.

The National Forum for Voluntary Organisations launched the TechSoup Sverige donation programme in partnership with TechSoup and the National Forum in 2010.

Members of Forum: The Swedish Association for Victim Support, Swedish Civil Defence League, Erikshjälpen, Swedish Federation of neighbourhood centers, The Salvation Army, Swedish Red Cross, Save The Children Sweden, Islamic relief, Swedish temperance organisation IOGT-NTO, Church of Sweden, the National Council of YWCA-YMCAs of Sweden, Lions Clubs International, BRIS – Children’s Rights in Society, Sensus Study Association, Ibn Rushd Study Association, amongst others.


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