Metamorphosis Collaborating on Proposal for a Refugee Assistance Field Tool

Metamorphosis Foundation, TechSoup Macedonia partner, is collaborating with several countries through the School of Data network on an application which would address a logistics pain point common to CSOs working with refugees and homeless populations: matching the supply of food donated by citizens and the demand of individuals who need an urgent meal.

This project would be a field tool that CSOs could use

* to quickly take note of incoming food and other donations

* organise disparate donations into full meals

* keep in touch with donors, in order to ping them about new needs

* track the inventory of food in real time

This proposal came in response to a need expressed by citizen collectives, who often are the first contact with both donors and individuals in need of a meal in times of crisis, but do not have the funds to maintain an infrastructure similar to food banks.

The application would be developed by developed of the School of Data network, and tested in several European countries in partnership with CSOs.

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