The Pontis Foundation

The Pontis Foundation provides administrative and organisational services for NGOs and corporate foundations to help them improve their administrative, technical, and organisational work.

The Pontis Foundation is the largest grantmaking and operational foundation in Slovakia. It was established in 1997 as the successor to the Foundation for a Civil Society. The Pontis Foundation encourages and supports the development and long-term financial sustainability of Slovak non-profit organisations such as providing grants, loans, and expert consultancy. The Pontis Foundation launched TechSoup Slovakia in partnership with TechSoup in 2009 to increase NGOs and foundations access to modern technology. The Pontis Foundation has a very broad range of work such as:

  • Advancing development of corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility such as administering the Business Leaders Forum and the annual Via Bona Slovakia Award
  • Undertaking research projects and organising educational events
  • Contributing to the development of civil society in the non-democratic and transition countries of the world


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