Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation

Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) is a national public benefit foundation, which provides financial, technological and in-kind resources, capacity building trainings and consultancy to active citizens and grassroots organisations to enhance the impact of their work in strengthening community development, civic participation, and the realisation of talent.

The donation programme, TechSoup Bulgaria operates in partnership with WCIF and was launched with TechSoup Global in 2009. The core part of the work of WCIF is grantmaking and dissemination of other resources for civil society development. In its 15 years of operation, WCIF has funded more than 1100 projects of civil groups and organisations in the sphere of local development. WCIF is currently managing a variety of funds and grantmaking programmes which provide financial resources to NGOs / informal groups / scholarships and awards to individuals on the basis of open calls for proposals such as:

  • Knowledge for Success Fund – provides youth with access to education, financial support along with career planning, mentoring, and skills development in math, science, and information technology.
  • Rainbow Children and Youth Development Programme – grants to NGOs that address important long standing needs of children and young people from demographically disadvantaged communities in an innovative way through applying a holistic approach in fostering child and youth development, as well as assisting them in the face of adversity or challenging circumstances.
  • Community Foundations in Bulgaria Programme – strengthening local philanthropy by means of investing in the institutional development of community foundations which unite donors in a specific geographic area.
  • Youth Bank Fund – Supports youth banks across Bulgaria, organisations made up of young people from 16 to 25 years of age contributing to the promotion of youth-led philanthropy and development of leadership skills.
  • Leadership in Local Philanthropy Fund – supports organisations that work to enhance local giving as a source of civic initiatives that stimulate innovation in communities.
  • NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area implemented in partnership with Open Society Foundation continues to be the major funding source for public benefit NGOs in Bulgaria.
  • YouthBuild Bulgaria Programme – supports the most disadvantaged youth to develop essential life skills, to facilitate their inclusion in the labor market.
  • IT Teacher’s Scholarship – The scholarship supports working middle school IT teachers by covering the tuition for a one year course for acquiring additional professional qualification.
  • Sports Talents Program – Financially supports young and promising Bulgarian athletes in conducting their training process.

Other areas of WCIF’s work:

  • The development of philanthropy across Bulgaria.
  • Donor Support Services – Provides a variety of services and resources for donors such as books, publications, donor best practices, and building of donor knowledge and skills.
  • Research – Some of the major studies prepared by WCIF are NGO sector in Bulgaria, review of training programmes, local philanthropy development, corporate development, and individual philanthropy.
  • Operational programmes – introduce innovative approaches in a given target area, using field-tested methodology by involving the public institutions responsible for the area of development.

Donation Portal: TS Bulgaria

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