Community Programme – Amplifying Citizens’ Voices through Technology

TechSoup Community Program empowers civil society through social technology and innovation. Our vision is helping build an open and collaborative society. In the TechSoup Europe Community we strongly believe that technology can help citizens’ fights for better, more participatory democracies and true implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights especially in regards to Article 1: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.

TechSoup Europe works for the empowerment of citizens and organizations to use technology and innovate for the sake of powering up their social impact.

Apps4Cities 2nd Edition

Apps4Cities promotes civic engagement around open data to enhance government transparency and accountability to the local citizenry. During 2nd edition, TechSoup Europe and OPORA are focusing on developing open data resources and capacities locally, in close collaboration with public and non-governmental partners from five cities selected in an open call. Apps4Cities builds a unique bridge between local NGOs, civil society and public administration in regards to access to open public data.

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Ministry of Data App Challenge

„Ministry of Data” is another open data challenge implemented by TechSoup Europe in cooperation with GONG , our partner organization from Croatia. The challenge strengthens civic engagement around open public data and contributes to building a stable regional open data community. It is a second edition of a challenge designed and previously ran by UNDP.

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ICT4NGO – ICT Competency Assessment Standard for European NGOs is a project of TechSoup Europe and its partners: Fundacja TechSoup (Poland) – coordinating organization, Les Ateliers du Bocage (France), Haus des Stiftens gGMBH (Germany), Socialtechno Impresa Sociale srl (Italy), Fondacija Mozaik (Bosnia).  It is dedicated to create an ICT tool for NGOs staff to develop its […]

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Opening Lviv Public Data & Community Building

TechSoup Europe supports Lviv community in their open data efforts, by providing capacity building, technical support and by connecting with other international communities.

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Apps4Cities / Дані міст

The project focuses on the importance of open data and its role in strengthening democracy by providing citizens of Ukraine a tangible way to hold governments more accountable. Apps4Cities started in June 2016 and last for 6 months. Apps4Cities or “Дані міст” is a joint project of  TechSoup Europe and Civil Network OPORA a renown Ukrainian watchdog organization with branches […]

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TransparenCEE is a community oriented project for strengthening the capacity of transparency and accountability organizations and activists from Central and Eastern Europe concerning the usage of new technologies and open data in their projects.

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