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The MEEt and Code initiative promotes programming and digital skills among kids and youth during the EU Code Week. In 2017 powered by SAP we funded nearly 600 coding events organised by nonprofits from 15 Middle and Eastern European countries. In 2018 we will work in 22 European countries.


2018 edition of Meet and Code is live. Nonprofits willing to host a coding event for children and youth may apply for up to 500 euro grant –

After a successful start in 2017, Meet and Code will enter its second cycle and this year SAP decided to fund even more events, in more countries!


Curious about our work? Here you can find a short summary of the initiative and see our impact:


The MEEt and Code project, coordinated by TechSoup Europe partners, covered 15 countries from Middle and Eastern Europe: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ukraine.

We reached kids and youth aged 8 -24 and introduced them to the world of programming and technology in an entertaining way. The various coding events, such as workshops, hackathons, challenges and coding nights showed young people how much fun coding can be and how to apply it to bring their ideas to life.

“Very often in the education system we are quite constrained by the discipline we teach and students quite disappointed by difficult and complex formulas and definitions. The result of all this is that students just dislike learning. This event just gave them back their motivation and willingness to do things. I am so happy and proud that they succeeded!”- said one of the Bulgarian organizers.

“Can I install Scratch on my computer at home?”, “I didn’t know coding is that much fun!” – this kind of feedback we received from participants.

The project turned out to be a huge success thanks to the financial support of the SAP company, excellent leadership from the charitable limited company Haus des Stiftens gGmbH, and the hard work and engagement of TechSoup Europe Partners. This was a great example of cross-sector cooperation between network partners and our sponsor.



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