TechSoup’s Spanish partner ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad has launched a new web app called “Turismo Accesible en Andalucía”. It allows tourists to check the accessibility of tourism resources in Andalusia. Each resource has a description, photographs, contact details and accessibility assessment by category: Access to Resource, Indoor Mobility, Public Toilets, General Information, Spaces, and Services.



Universal accessibility is a fundamental social right, which guarantees equality, non-discrimination and social inclusion for people with disabilities. It also helps older people, families with young children, people with a temporary illness or injury, and travellers with luggage, among others. It improves the travel experience for all people!

According to the latest data from the Observatory for Accessibility of Tourism in Spain, people with disabilities travel almost 30% on average more than tourists without special needs (and 72% do it at least twice a year).

Of these tourists with special needs, 75% have a disability (36% physical, 18% visual, 12% hearing), 19% have special needs or temporary circumstances, and 8% are 80 or older. Sixty per cent of these travellers is women, with an average age of 45 years. Most have a university degree and more than 60% are employed outside the home.

Accessibility is not only a responsibility when considering a sustainable tourism strategy; it is also an opportunity for the development and economic and social growth of any city or region. With this in mind, Andalusian Conserjería de Turismo y Deporte took the initiative to launch a project to research the degree of accessibility at Andalusian destinations specifically. It includes a study and a methodological guide and research results can be found HERE.

“Accessibility is not only a symbol of equality, but also of tourism quality.”
– Francisco Javier Fernández, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Andalusian Government

This Guide includes recommendations to improve accessibility, education and tools for travellers, along with a questionnaire which identifies possible barriers to accessibility.


This Spring, ILUNION also launched a website and an app developed for the Andalusia Region: “Destinos Turísticos en Andalucía.” It provides complete information in an Accessibility Guide, and includes a self-assessment tool, a map to locate the resources analyzed, and a search which can be filtered for resources by Province, Municipality, Type, etc. Each resource has a description, photographs, contact data and an assessment of accessibility.

So if you’re visiting Spain and the Andalucia Region, we highly recommend this app!