TechSoup Europe

TechSoup Europe is an enabler and connector in the world of new technologies and social change. Our mission is to build a dynamic bridge that enables design and implementation of technology solutions for a more equitable planet.


TechSoup focuses on supporting the growth and stability of civil society through the intelligent use of information and communication technologies.

We work in partnership with civil society partners, local public administrations and governments, as well as corporate donors.

TechSoup Europe Network partners manage a range of technology capacity-building programs. Each network partner tailors its program to the needs of the community and shares insights with other network partners to better serve communities worldwide.

TechSoup Europe Network is part of the TechSoup Global Network. Our network in Europe consists of 28 civil society capacity building organisations across 48 countries (including all 28 EU member states). Together we serve a community of over 250,000 civil society organisations in the region.


TechSoup Europe’s Core Capabilities


Technology Donation Management 

Organizations often first get to know TechSoup through our product donation program, which provides eligible organizations with donated and discounted software, hardware, services, and training. In collaboration with the TechSoup Global Network, our trusted partners give organizations worldwide access to the solutions they need.

TechSoup’s catalog includes more than 375 products from over 90 companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec. If you want to know more about it, please check our contact list and donation website of every Partner.


Solutions and Services 

Grantmakers, governments, companies, and others often need to verify that an organization is eligible for support before offering in-kind gifts, employee giving, charity sales, or cash grants. The TechSoup Europe Network has the expertise and rigorous systems for providing trusted information on validated organizations and helping organizations connect to giving resources. We offer local outreach and support as well as opportunities for peer networking and access to capacity-building resources.

TechSoup offers validation solutions in a variety of formats to make giving easy. When a donor needs to determine if an NGO, nonprofit, or charity in its home country is legitimate and to integrate with the data and systems that support its giving programs, TechSoup can help.


Innovation through Collaboration

There’s always more to be done, and new challenges require new solutions. TechSoup continues to collaborate with a broad set of experts to create and curate relevant solutions and share lessons that help communities around Europe. Just a few of our collaborations are listed here, but this is just the start. Get involved with TechSoup Europe, and together we can create and connect relevant and scalable solutions.

  • Apps for Warsaw open data project of TechSoup Poland, in collaboration with the city of Warsaw, Orange,  Stocznia, and Centrum Cyfrowe, promotes open data and engages people in creating civic technology tools for their city
  • Apps4Cities open data project of TechSoup Europe in collaboration with Civil Network OPORA, promotes open data and engages people in creating civic technology tools for their city
  • TransparenCEE – a community-oriented project for strengthening the capacity of transparency and accountability organizations and activists from Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) concerning the use of new technologies and open data in their projects in collaboration with E-panstwo Foundation

More projects you will find HERE