The Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs of Poland has released the new version of its public data website – The Ministry has selected TechSoup to be its service provider organising a very unique hackathon which aims to make the open data portal of the government more accessible and useful for citizens and businesses.

Search engines show less than 10% of the Internet’s contents. Over 90% of data is hidden in the so-called deep web, which includes databases and archives that are not indexed by search engines. That’s why it’s important to create websites that allow users to download data from multiple databases at the same time. The portal, which will be the focus of this year’s Hackathon, serves this exact purpose.

The Hackathon will take place on October 27 and 28, 2018, in Warsaw. Specialists from various fields are invited to take part, including UX, UI, design, data science and research. The event will be accessible to people with disabilities and special needs. Individuals and teams can apply with their own idea. Individual participants are encouraged to use help of the organizers who offer support in matching applicants into teams. It’s an opportunity to meet people with different perspectives. After all, innovations come from unusual connections!

Challenges for participants:

Object locations are saved in various ways. How can we allow for a uniform search that takes different types of data into account, for instance searching for all schools in a given city with integrated classrooms? Do you have an idea? Join us!

Citizens can find “raw” data difficult to understand. Visualizing data on a website, for example in the form of new animations and charts, can result in increased transparency for government offices and their activities. Do you know how to do it? Show us your ideas during the hackathon.

Quality of datasets depends on the skills of their providers – the government officials working for public institutions. Already over 100 institutions supply data for the portal. The Ministry of Digital Affairs provides trainings for data providers. Creating automatic suggestions for improving the quality of data that the providers will receive while uploading new data to the platform will result in better data quality.


Do you have an idea that would make it even better? Do you know how it could become even more useful? Take part in the Hackathon – a new side of data and create tools that will make using open data easier.

You can register at until Thursday, October 11, 2018.

We will not stop at ideas – the winning projects will be implemented by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. The best teams can win prizes adding up to over 30,000 zloty.

The hackathon is organized by the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Poland with support from TechSoup and Centrum Cyfrowe.