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Technological Needs Of NGOs In Bulgaria – Report

TechSoup Bulgarian partner the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) survey of the technological needs of NGOs in Bulgaria shows that the main challenge for the sector is not enough hardware to effectively carry out their programs. WCIF focused their March 2017 survey on 100 civil society organisations in order to identify the technology capabilities of NGOs, […]


TechSoup Global Network Summit

Rebecca Masisak, TechSoup CEO: TechSoup Global Network: A Unique Force for Social Change This week, NGOs from 50 countries, who operate together as the TechSoup Global Network, will gather for three days in San Francisco. Collectively, the Network connects over 800,000 NGOs in 236 countries and territories to donations of products, services, time and funding, and […]


IZDEBSKI: Rebooting Democracy

Asparanoix, the chief of Gaulish village presented in the Asterix comics, was afraid of only one thing: the sky falling on his head. If he saw what happened last year and what may happen in the upcoming years, he would have the feeling that this moment is dangerously close. Revolution | Evolution | Stagnation The […]


Large Check Marketing Campaign

In the past year Stifter-helfen supported a wide range of non-profit s with donations, which often amount to nearly 60,000€ worth of products for each organisation. To celebrate this, Stifter-helfen in cooperation with Microsoft visited several local charities to congratulate them on the large amount of donations they obtained. The local and national press attended in […]


How Did tt-exchange Convert More Passive Website Visitors Into Active Users?

Since changing the landing page from the Microsoft title group to Instapage ad, our partner – Technology Trust has seen a 2.5 x improvement in registration conversion from AdWords in early days. What is the recipe for success? Read interview with Matthew Moorut, Head of Marketing, Technology Trust.   TechSoup Europe: Matt, can you give […]


European Social Innovation Competition 2017

A €150,000 challenge prize by the European Commission for the three best ideas to ensure everyone in Europe benefits from the opportunities created by technological change.   European societies are transforming rapidly due to technological change. Trends such as digitalisation and automation are changing the way we live and work faster than ever before, reshaping […]


TechSoup Europe Interactive Way of eLearning

It’s hard to find good webinars addressed to the needs of civil society, instead of business. The TechSoup Europe Network takes the challenge to produce webinars addressing social topics with a  local context and in various languages.   In the end of February 2017, participants from 11 countries from our network practiced together various aspects […]


International E-Society.Mk Conference

Fake news presented as facts, fiction as reality and (mis)use of principles and standards that are the basis of good journalism were the topic of the 12th international conference “ Fact-Checking and Influence of New Technologies on Journalism”, which took place on January 31, in Skopje, Macedonia. It was organised by Metamorphosis Foundation.   TechSoup […]


The New Microsoft House Welcomes Italian Non Profits For An Exclusive NGO Day

Microsoft Italy hosted their annual ‘Technology for Good’ event for Nonprofits organised by Microsoft Philanthropies in their brand new premises in Milan.   The annual Microsoft NGO Day in Italy was structured as a showcase of the limitless possibilities technology can open up when it becomes domestic and an integral part of our lives. It […]


Ukraine: NGOs & ICT needs

Our Ukrainian Partner, GURT Resource Centre studied the needs of the Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the information and communication technologies (ICT) during October-November 2016. 776 managers of Ukrainian NGOs and 10 ICT experts took part in the study.   Based on an online survey and expert interviews within the study on needs of Ukrainian NGOs in […]


NetSquared – Local #Tech4Good Meetups

What if there was an easy way to create local #Tech4Good meetups where your members could come together to teach each other how to use technology? What if you could create a “bat signal” that would attract nonprofits who aren’t registered for TechSoup yet? Well there is!   TechSoup’s NetSquared program gathers nonprofits, activists, and […]


French Third Sector & Digital World

Techsoup’s French Partner “Solidatech” did a survey on “The role of technology in the non-profit organizations in 2016”. They reached 1601 directors, 6667 volunteers of french NGOs and 1084 Solidatech beneficiaries. Check out the results of the research study:   Our French Partner “Solidatech” and the nonprofit Recherches & Solidarités, specialized in studies on the nonprofit sector, have worked together […]


Ministry of Data Challenge Winners – Youth Code for Public Good

On Sunday, February 18, we met the winners of the Ministry of Data international open data challenge co-organised by TechSoup and GONG. Ten youth teams from four Balkans countries used open data to build apps to improve the lives of citizens and to make local government more transparent. The five winning teams received a total […]


Ministry of Data Bootcamp

On 18-19 February TechSoup Europe team is in Zagreb, Croatia on the bootcamp for the finalists of Ministry of Data challenge. It is an open data challenge for Western Balkans. 10 teams got to the final and since few months have been working on apps which will transform their cities, improve governance, effectiveness and public participation at […]


TechSoup Poland Refurbished Hardware Program

In 2010 Fundacja TechSoup initiated refurbished hardware program for non-profits in Poland. Since then, hundreds of Polish non-profits have improved their tech capacity thanks to professionally refurbished hardware. Last year, TechSoup Poland significantly boosted cooperation with our local refurbisher partner. Read short success story about it.   In 2010 Fundacja TechSoup (FTS) initiated a refurbished […]

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