The Opening Opportunities project realized in cooperation with Microsoft got the deserved recognition form the European Commission. It was awarded the prize for its impact, creating synergy among different stakeholders, scalability as well as effective outreach to vulnerable groups, among others youth from rural areas and small towns.

Opening Opportunities is a mentor-driven computer science program for high-school students that empowers youth to reach their potential in understanding, creating and using technology as a powerful enabler for tomorrow’s professionals and citizens. Opening Opportunities is powered by Microsoft YouthSpark and implemented with the support of Microsoft CSS in Romania.

The European Commission organised the second European Digital Skills Awards to show digital skills initiatives, which can be replicated and scaled up across Europe. The best 5 projects designed at improving the digital skills of citizens, the labour force, ICT professional and in education, as well as the best project which addresses the needs of women and girls, received awards:

TSE Network Partners will have a chance to hear about the Opening Opportunities program and its potential to scale during the TSE Network Partners meeting in Sarajevo in January 2018.