Project Manager

We are currently seeking a talented professional for the role of a Project Manager who will support planning and implementation the rollout of TechSoup Europe projects portfolio. This individual will help to assure accountability and oversight for all bilateral and multilateral grant-funded project planning and implementation.

Project manager is a hands-on and participative individual to support the following areas: project planning, implementation, budgeting, grant reporting, and program development. Project manager will work closely with Program leads as well as the finance and administration team.

2nd Line Support Engineer

We are looking for an experienced engineer who will be responsible for taking ownership of problems and queries relating to the Drupal based platform from TechSoup.

This position aim is to ensure that issues are investigated promptly and appropriate action is taken. 2nd Line Support Engineer will investigate them and resolve, reject, or escalate as appropriate. The purpose of the role is to take pressure off the Partner Platform development team.

Training Manager

Training Manager will be responsible for designing curriculum (with subject matter experts), set and share best educational practices, and shape and lead a best-in-class network of trainers, and lead the delivery of educational related projects, also will work collaboratively with key stakeholders, particularly the other TechSoup Europe partners and funders to identify projects, programs, and services to scale to new countries.

Training Coordinator

The ideal candidate for the Training Coordinator position should have the ability and experience in building and sustaining international communities online and offline, developing interaction, dialogue and action around subjects relevant to TechSoup Community Program: civic technology, information and media literacy, social campaigning, open data, transparency and accountability, open society, social and digital inclusion and other.

This role requires experience in communication, adult education, training, facilitation and event organizing. This is a horizontal role across TechSoup Europe Program projects, which requires close cooperation with the team and project managers. This position requires flexibility and travel in Europe and internationally as well.

Junior Validation Specialist

Junior Validation Specialist will work on projects related to TechSoup technology programs including software and hardware donations, discounts or cloud products and NGO validations programs adopting it to the local business practices and legal and cultural imperatives as well.

This role will involve working closely with our existing support teams and our network of Partners throughout the globe. Main responsibility of a Junior Validation Specialist is to provide the highest quality of service to our Partner Network via the tools and platforms utilized within Partner Services.

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