Service Expert, Partner Services

Service Expert, Partner Services will work on projects related to TechSoup technology programs including software and hardware donations, discounts or cloud products and NGO validations programs adopting it to the local business practices and legal and cultural imperatives as well.

Content Specialist

Content Specialist will be responsible for supporting marketing activities directed to the NGO community via communication channels set up and managed by TechSoup. Proficiency in Polish and English (both written and spoken) is a must.

Training Manager

We are looking for someone who will be able to plan and manage a series of training in media literacy for approximately 1500 people in 14 countries across Central and Eastern Europe. The role will involve shaping and leading a best-in-class network of approximately 50 local trainers. In addition, the TM will be responsible for ensuring the highest quality of training curricula (created by subject matter experts), and its localization (to done by regional partners in cooperation with local trainers), setting and sharing best educational practices, overseeing the delivery of local training for NGOs and activists which are led by TechSoup’s regional partners.

Community Builder and Communication Specialist

The Community Builder and Communication Specialist will be responsible for building and sustaining communities online and offline, developing interaction, dialogue and action around subjects relevant to youth and civic engagement. This role requires experience in multi-stakeholder communications, online and offline social campaigning, organizing and facilitating events, gatherings, workshops, camps, and meet-ups.

Head of Finance

TechSoup Europe is seeking a Head of Finance to join the Warsaw Team. This role requires director level vision as well as hands-on responsibilities and will report to the Senior Director of Program and Operations. We are looking for a talented individual with excellent communication skills and the ability to lead the team and clearly articulate even the most complex concepts, set strategies and deliver plans to achieve the short and long term goals of the Foundation.

Grant Operations Portfolio Manager

We are currently seeking a talented professional for the role of a Grant Operations Portfolio Manager who will support grants management in TechSoup Europe. This individual will help ensure accountability and oversight for all bilateral and multilateral grant-funded projects planning and implementation in Europe. Grant Operations Portfolio Manager will work closely with program owners, project teams, the finance and administration team in Europe, and in the US (in case of global projects operated from Europe) and will report to the Head of Finance.

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