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Moonsheep – Tool that Helps Digitize Massive Collections of Documents

Got stacks of documents and crowd to help out digitize them? Moonsheep digitizes massive collections of documents into structured data through crowdsourcing and cutting-edge technology. MPs in Hungary are hiding their assets in scanned PDFs preventing the data from being analysed. By using Moonsheep, K-Monitor, Hungarian anti-corruption grass root NGO, showed that data liberation is […]


Germany: Free know-how for nonprofits

What started in 2012 as a pilot project with online training courses for IT products now counts the 10,000th participant: The free webinars of – IT for non-profits are targeted specifically at charitable organizations and have developed from a pilot project into a cornerstone of the portal’s know-how offering of its own. Read about […]


Don’t Ruin Your Weekend with Homework. Advices for Civic Activists

Hackathons are a great way to collaborate with a team of various talents to achieve a specific goal. They are not marathons, but rather sprints: 48 or—in this regard—16 hours to come up with a working  prototype is not that much. Thus, in order to win, you need to know where and how you are […]


Hackathon – What Is It and Is It Worth Organizing?

Do you want to plan and hold a hackathon? Find out what it is, what is the purpose hidden behind it and what are the best solutions for an organization to carry it out. A hackathon (hack-a-thon) may be defined as a manner of work that is strongly connected with new technologies. “A programing sprint […]


How to Organize a Hackathon

Do you want to organize a hackathon? You are certain that this form is the best answer to your needs and, moreover, you have already chosen its form, e.g. a workshop or a competition? Check what you already know, what you still do not know and how much time you need. Let’s go through the […]


Tech Tools for Transparency and Accountability – the CEE Region Landscape

Tech Tools for Transparency and Accountability – the CEE Region Landscape You can download this analysis in PDF: Technology for Transparency in CEE incl Best Practices. You can use this publication under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. The data of this research can be found and search through on the website of the project: […]

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