“Civil Society’s Response in Help for Ukraine” – Online Discussion

On May 17th, Tuesday at 17:00 – 18:00 CET join us to learn more about civil society’s role in welcoming and supporting the Ukrainian refugees and get inspired to act.

While the war in Ukraine progresses and we are forced to watch the brave men and women fight for their country’s freedom and independence, many others are organizing their lives after being forced to flee their country.

As the situation develops, we will be faced with challenges related to the long-term displacement of such huge masses of people. State support will be indispensable, but CSOs will still carry out much of the work, as they have been doing up until now.

As of May 5th 2022, it’s estimated that over 5,7 million Ukrainians have been forced to seek safety in neighboring countries since Russia escalated the war against their country on February 24th. Around 3,1 million have gone to Poland, over 856,000 to Romania, about 491,000 to Slovakia, over 452,000 to Moldova. The response they were met with was astounding even to the Poles, Slovaks, and Romanians and Moldovans themselves. The outpouring of kindness, countless food and clothes drives, people spontaneously driving refugees from the borders, others welcoming them into their homes, and citizens self-organizing on an unprecedented scale.

During the online discussion on May 17th, at 17.00 CET, TechSoup Global Network and Hive Mind will meet with activists from Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova to discuss the current situation in their countries:

  • the challenges they’re facing and expect to face in the future,
  • the ways in which we can all join in and help,
  • as well as the sources of relief in which they find the strength to carry on and keep helping.

Join us to learn more about the Civil Society’s role in welcoming and supporting the Ukrainian refugees and get inspired to act!


Tuesday (17.05.2022); at 17:00 – 18:00 CET


Who is it for?

  • Anyone interested in the current situation on the borders but also in neighboring countries that are hosting refugees from Ukraine
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the Civil Society’s perspective and role in helping those affected by the war in Ukraine
  • Aid organizations involved or willing to get involved in support for Ukraine

Practical information:

The online event will last 60 minutes (45 minutes of moderated panel discussion + 15 minutes for a Q&A session with the audience at the end).

We are also planning to go LIVE on Hive Mind’s Facebook.

Those registered, however, will have the opportunity to ask questions to our experts and after the event, they will receive the recording and additional materials at the email address provided.



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