“Great inspiration and very useful tools to be used in our communication and empowerment of civil society!” – says  participant of “Creating Effective Campaigns to combat shrinking civil space” workshop, part of DTS4SS project.

In May 2021, TechSoup partners from six countries: Austria, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland took part in two 3 days Erasmus+ online trainings, a part of DIGITAL AND TRAINING SKILLS FOR THE SOCIAL SECTOR project.

Workshop ‘Creating Effective Campaigns to combat shrinking civil space’  aimed at developing the knowledge and skills to design powerful advocacy campaigns that inspire hope and win hearts and minds – using storytelling and narrative strategy.

Group of 20 participants explored systems thinking tools to identify strategies that address root causes of the issues they are experiencing in relation to shrinking civil space and advance advocacy objectives. 

“All nonprofit employees should have a chance to participate in such training to remind themselves that our work matters and we really change the world! It was really positive and hope giving experience.”

Training participant


Project is possible thanks to European Union.

Virtual mobilities implemented by NIOK, WCIF, FVA and Metamorphosis are co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Fundacja TechSoup implements ‘Digital and Training Skills for the Social Sector’ project in the frame of Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development that is co-financed from European Social Fund.