For the fifth time, TechSoup Czech Republic linked students of the University of Economics in Prague and Czech NGOs. Students helped NGOs to implement various Office 365 apps and services according to their needs.

In 2015, TechSoup Czech Republic started cooperating with a university professor who teaches Office 365. During his course, students learn how to use and manage Office 365. As a seminar work, students can choose to cooperate with an NGO and help to either set up an account from the beginning or set some specific application or process.

Before such cooperation NGOs must fill in their need/problem with O365 in the special application form prepared by TechSoup Czech Republic team. After that, students choose the organisation, and under professor supervision, they start to work with them implementing various Office 365 apps and services according to NGO’s needs.

For the fifth-time, students were working with nonprofits for the whole semester until the end of January. However, the cooperation doesn´t end in most of the cases. Four of five students said that their job will be continued and they will still train nonprofits employees or finish more settings.

Overall during 5 semesters twenty-nine students participated in the project and helped with Office 365 implementation to twenty-nine NGOs.

More information about the project and an application for NGOs for the next semester, you will find here.