How can we ensure that our online presence is achieving simply more than likes and followers? What about times of “fire”, when the normal day is disrupted and timelines, forums, inboxes are filled with content? How can we create an online presence that can lead a safe way out of the fire for our followers, for the public? How can we create trust and make sure that our strategy is user-centric and intent based?

📢During the webinar, Mark Semoil focuses on:

✅Simplifying database and audience management with MailChimp

✅Why tracking matters, and why it shouldn’t always be complex

✅Pillar Content Model

✅UC&IB – User Centric, Intent Based approach

✅Whether boosting Facebook posts is a need or an option

✅Email marketing best practices

✅Abandoning online campaigns, creating user journeys

📢Who is it for?

✅If your day to day work is involved with online campaigns and you are not fully convinced that all this effort and time makes sense.

✅If you are looking for new channels for constituency building, and online channels are on the list.

✅If you are already using online channels and looking for ways to maximise impact with minimum effort.

✅If you are looking for simplifying your workflow to have a coherent online presence at times of fire.

✅If just hearing the words analytics, tracking, content creation or remarketing are giving you headaches.

Additionally, Mark shared some links that you might find useful:
✅ Audience Database Spreadsheet Template in Google Sheets:
✅Additional materials and resources: