Our network partners cooperate and share knowledge and experience on the digital transformation of social sector helping nonprofit leaders realize the potential of technology.

In 2019-2020, TechSoup partners: Les Ateliers du Bocage, Social Techno, Fondacija Mozaik, Fundacja TechSoup focused on NGO senior staff who wish to apply digital transformation plans in their organizations and help employees understand the need for such changes. We created educational resources on digital transformation for nonprofits to help NGOs realize the potential of technology: how it can change the way an organization operates and makes a greater social impact.

Together we created:


Partners from Poland, Italy and Bosnia & Herzegovina tested a training methodology online and offline. 74 participants attended face to face trainings for nonprofits leaders about digital transformation and 42 people took part in the webinar “Digital transformation of NGOs”.

670 nonprofit employees participated in the final events about the Digital Transformation organised by our partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, France, and Poland.

Project is possible thanks to: