TechSoup Global Network supports nonprofits in their digital transformation journey. In April 2022, DLNGO 2.0 partners could finally meet face to face to discuss on our individual and joint digital transformation activities.

Together with our European partners: Les Ateliers du Bocage (France), Fundacja TechSoup (Poland), Social Techno (Italy), Fundraising Verband Austria (Austria), Fondacija Mozaik (Bosnia and Herzegovina), GURT (Ukraine), Asociacion TS Spain (Spain), Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation WCIF (Bulgaria), NIOK (Hungary), MISSS (Slovenia), Haus des Stiftens (Germany) we met in Paris to share good practices, methodologies of digital needs assessment and best ways to teach nonprofits in Europe how to use possibilities of technology in their daily work.

We were generously hosted by Google France thanks to Ateliers du Bocage.

“The power of the network is amazing! As partners, we can talk with each other and learn a lot. In those few days, we have so many common topics to discuss. It was a time for almost everything. Now, we are better prepared to help our NGOs in their digital transformation journey.”

“It was great to meet and share our experience with partners. We all know how digital transformation is essential for nonprofits, and it was great to learn new ways and approaches to show them the way how we could support them in this digital journey. It was opening minded! 

“The DLNGO 2.0 partners meeting helped me a lot to learn more about all the different activities and initiatives that are already ongoing in other countries. It was a great opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other! My organization will profit a lot from the knowledge and inspiration that I bring back.”

Partners meeting was organized within the DLNGO 2.0 project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.