As a TechSoup network, we want to improve adult education learning programmes and better serve adult learners from nonprofit sector. Together with our partners, we cooperate on many levels and joint educational initiatives. In the beginning of June, we gathered in Vienna with 7 TechSoup partners: Fundacja TechSoup, WCIF, NIOK, Entrajuda, VIA, Metamorphosis, hosted by Fundraising Verband Austria.

During 3 days long training we were strengthening the competencies of TechSoup partners staff as adult educators and trainers around developing an online education programme. We were exploring principles of instructional design, different online training formats, and testing tools that support learners’ engagement. And of course, we had a lot of fun together!

Vienna Training Video by Fundacja TechSoup

What are the benefits for participants and for their organization from participating in the Erasmus+ mobility project? 

By having the opportunity of sharing the knowledge and experience the participants have, learning from each other and also learning from the trainers, we have gained a lot of useful information on how to improve our online education services.

Sharing experiences and very specific tips among partners from various European countries was super useful and fun!

The international exchange of experience in online education not only helps me and my organisation to learn new things but also gives us a chance to benchmark ourselves with other training providers in Europe. Since it is not so easy to find comparable providers in our country this is a unique opportunity to compare our offerings and their related processes with others and therefore we are able to improve ourselves, our offerings and as a consequence the impact we want to reach among nonprofits in Austria and beyond.

Extremely good training. I had the opportunity to hear the experiences of other participants and good practices, I learned a lot about methods and tactics related to structuring online training and I also learned a lot about new trends in online learning. The biggest benefit of the training is the improvement of my abilities in the direction of organizing online educational programs.

The training showed me how to approach the creation of online trainings from the theoretical side, but also I had a chance to use and check it practically. These meetings are very much needed to gather with others and talk about common issues and solutions.

Project is co-funded by the European Union.