TechSoup Europe is co-organising a new initiative – Educathon: Half the Truth Is Often a Whole Lie, taking place in Warsaw, Poland, February 16 – 18. We want to teach people how to avoid being deceived and manipulated by the content published on the Internet.


“It’s people’s own fault they get scammed”. This is the most popular comment when you read about phishing and internet scams. However, with each day internet and other modern technologies gain a row of new inexperienced users who have no clue where to start their education.

The idea of educathon is to create online educational tools which will teach folks how to resist manipulations present on the Internet, such as fake news, phishing, clickbait, or online chains through which others are trying to learn personal data. Participants will try to create applications, games, quizzes and other educational solutions in an intellectual and physical (48 hours!) challenge with social benefit in mind. The team that creates the best solution will receive an award of 1000£!


We will invite:

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