EU Code Week is coming next week on 7-22 October – join one of 500 events prepared by NGOs that we supported, and help create with code!

Computers, smartphones, tablets and… coding. These things are almost inseparable from our lives. And even though we use them every day,  we are not always aware of how they function. Because of that multiple initiatives aim to support children and youth to give them good a start in this new world.

European Code Week is one of the best known initiatives in Europe. The fifth edition of EU Code Week will take place 7-22 October 2017. Within this event the MEEt and Code initiative, financed by the SAP  Company and coordinated by TechSoup Europe partners, reached out to nonprofit organizations from 15 Middle and Eastern European countries in order to join forces and support the development of coding skills among children and youth during the #CodeEU.

Nonprofits from 15 European countries had the opportunity to submit ideas for various coding events, such as workshops, hackathons, coding nights etc., and receive a 300-500 Euro grant to organize their event. In total, almost 500 grants will go to nonprofits from 15 countries!

Join the events (the full list is here) to understand and become active in our digital world.

#MEEtandCode #EUCodeWeek

It’s our great success that was only possible thanks to financial support from the SAP Company, excellent leadership from the charitable limited company Haus des Stiftens gGmbH, and great work and engagement from TechSoup Europe Partners!