Welcome prospective Game Changers, Social City Game organizers, and Ambassador of Change Leaders!

If this is the first time you’ve heard of the Game Changer project, then welcome and if you’ve heard about our project before, than welcome back! Regardless of what brings you here, we are happy to announce that we will be opening opportunities for service proposals in response to our Call for Tenders to access up to 5,000 euro!

What types of service will you be proposing you might ask? The Game Changer project has created a variety of activities and tools aimed to address possible root causes that lead people to develop polar, radical or extreme ideology.

The Game Changer project focuses primarily on youth primarily aged 13-25, but our tools are most certainly open to any young people (12-30)! Game Changer utilizes gamification and youth-led social media campaigns to encourage dialogue surrounding tough social issues, addressing our bias and providing a platform to further raise awareness surrounding a variety of topics addressed through games and campaigns.

Before that, learn how to submit a service proposal below to receive up to 5,000 euro and the necessary tools, training, and support needed to conduct a Social City Game or an Ambassador of Change Social Media Campaign.

Learn more, submit a service proposal, and play a game or lead a campaign!

Follow the 4 steps below submit a Service Proposal to conduct a Game Changer activity

  1. LEARN…


    • Learn more about our Social City Games or our Ambassador of Change Social Media Campaigns in our ACTIVITIES LEAFLET, which will set the scene, address possible impact, requirements and limitations, which will give you a better understanding of which activity is right for you!
    • We have 6 games and our Ambassador of Change Social Media Campaign trainings ready to go that just need you to localize and inspire young people to be a part of the much-needed change. Download the leaflet here.

    After you have a chance to peak at our CALL FOR TENDERS and have a better idea of which activity you remain interested in, take a look at our CALL FOR TENDERS to understand what we will need and expect of you and more importantly, what you will need and get from us to get the ball rolling. Read through our CALL FOR TENDERS here.


    Take a look at our timeline, which we hope will help you prepare your SERVICE PROPOSAL and plan your next steps to conduct a Game Changer activity:

StagesDate or indicative period
Deadline for Service Proposals10.01.2021
Information, decision and selection of  subcontractors11.01.2021
Signature of subcontracting agreementMid-January 2021
TechSoup training path and ongoing supportJanuary – February 2021
Implementation of activitiesFebruary – March 2021
Evaluation of the service providedMarch – April 2021



    Now that you know you want to play a game, submit a SERVICE PROPOSAL for your organisation of up to 5,000 Euro! Download your SERVICE PROPOSAL here  and send it to us CAMP@techsoup.org

*Keep in mind the Game Changer project team will be there to support you each and every step of the way! We know not everyone is an expert in gamification or social media campaigns, but we are excited to inspire others to see how incredibly impactful gamification and social media can be used to create meaningful change and encourage difficult dialogue!

To access more information about our project and this amazing opportunity check out the project website: gamechangereu.org