Game Changer’s CAMP is a free interactive 4-day ONLINE event coming 13-14, 20-21 October 2020. This is an inclusive and participant-driven unconference that examines and strengthens the relationship between online and offline technology and tools, and organisations working to address radicalization and polarisation among young people.


Our aim is to gather and build a network of individuals and organisations who work both directly or indirectly with youth (12-25) to strengthen and build resilience. The Game Changer community aims to build collaboration and share how technology through games and campaigns (online and offline – can be used to empower young people and build resilience to violent extremism.

Is CAMP for You?

This event is open to 

who are supporting young people in becoming more open-minded and engaged citizens that create change in their local communities.



Game Changer Camp will share the latest research, best practices, methodology surrounding how to plan, run and evaluate effective online and offline campaigns, how to design and run Social City Games and share knowledge with other NGOs, activists and experts directly (or indirectly) addressing P/CVE (Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism) work. Field experts and Game Partners will also lead sessions related to their experiences in the P/CVE space, working with youth and how to help create change in young people to lead to a more inclusive and open-minded world.

Our CAMP will also highlight other work is being done in the sector, provide NGOs/CSOs an opportunity to engage in open, meaningful and out-of-the-box thinking and an opportunity to meet others doing similar work, which we ultimately hope leads to networks that utilise one another as resources and create change.



We are excited to announce that organisations that attend our CAMP that ultimately decide they want to try to play a Social City Game will have the opportunity to apply for a micro-grant, which will fund 1-2 Social City Games of your own. Either create one from scratch or us one of our already created games, which can be adapted to your local context!

We will provide each organisation the necessary training, funding and support needed to conduct a game. We aim to build a library of games as a means of giving more of you the tools needed to stimulate change and impactful discussion with the young people you support.

We will also create cohorts of organisations that express interest in our youth-led social media trainings. Supported by our consortium of partners who both created this content and supported their own campaigns, we believe you will have all the help you can get along your journey!