What started in 2012 as a pilot project with online training courses for IT products now counts the 10,000th participant: The free webinars of Stifter-helfen.net – IT for non-profits are targeted specifically at charitable organizations and have developed from a pilot project into a cornerstone of the portal’s know-how offering of its own. Read about Haus des Stiftens gGmbH project, TechSoup Europe Partner.

10,000th participant has received a refurbished iPad as a gift

As a small surprise, the 10,000th participant, Susanne Kick from St. Gallus-Hilfe gGmbH in Meckenbeuern in Baden-Württemberg, received a refurbished iPad 2 from the AfB gGmbH as a gift for the organization. The joy abouth the unexpected gift was great.

“Through the webinars at Stifter-helfen.de, I gained valuable know-how for my multifaceted career as an assistant to the management in St. Gallus-Hilfe gGmbH. As 10,000th Webinar participant I also won an iPad which I would not have expected. I am very happy about the prize – so I can visit the webinars in the future whilst traveling. Thank you!” says Susanne Kick, Assistant to the Board of Directors, funding consultancy, public relations at St. Gallus-Hilfe für Behinderten Menschen gGmbH.

Hands-on know-how in 180 webinars for charitable associations and other non-profits

The webinar program has been available at Stifter-helfen.de since 2014. In about 180 webinars, representatives of associations, foundations, gGmbHs (charitable limited companies) and other non-profit organizations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have not only acquired IT knowledge, but have also undergone practical training for subjects ranging from legal issue over to taxation for nonprofits through to fundraising. The more than 60 speakers come from different industries such as IT companies, law firms, publishers, online marketing agencies or non-profit organizations. They pass on their knowledge pro bono to non-profit organizations in the webinars.

For people with disabilities – St. Gallus help

The St. Gallus-Hilfe für Behinderten Menschen gGmbH is a subsidiary of the Liebenau Foundation, which has been working for people in need of help since 1870. As a social enterprise, St. Gallus’s help is an active contribution to help people with disabilities feel empowered and confidently participate in community and social life. In accordance with the respective circumstances of life, conducive spaces are developed for the development of each individual. The arrangements for the respective needs range from early support through family support, school and educational assistance, educational, integrating and accompanying assistance offers to intensively supervised offers of housing, work and daily support. In addition to the parent countries of Lake Constance and Ravensburg, the company operates in eight additional districts in southern Germany.

IT donations in the market value of over 46,000 euros for St. Gallus help

However, St. Gallus-Hilfe gGmbH has not only used the Webinar offer from Stifter-helfen.de, but has also been registered for IT donations and special conditions on the portal since March 2012. Since then, the organization has received around 240 product donations with a market value of more than € 46,000. And the parent organization of St. Gallus-Hilfe gGmbH, the Liebenau Foundation, has already received IT donations worth almost € 56,000.