Czech and Slovak NGOs were looking for the answer to this question during a conference called “NGO 4.0”, which took place on April 4th  at the Microsoft CZ/SK Prague office. People should be in the centre of the digital transformation, not the technology itself.

The morning session was full of inspirational speeches and presentations of new trends from Erik Arnold (CTO Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies), Filip Dřímalka (Czech specialist in innovation and digital transformation) and Chris Worman (Vice President, Alliances and Program Development at TechSoup).

“The basic thing is the education of the people in the organization. Motivate and inspire people! Try new things and cooperate with tech companies!” says Filip Dřímalka.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Chris Worman during the beginning of his speech: “It´s about the people who make the world better. And if you don´t know where to start, just sign up for TechSoup newsletter,” Chris advised just before lunch.

Microsoft NGO Awards 2018

Another part of the event included presentations of the finalists of the Microsoft NGO Awards 2018.

Competition of stories about using Microsoft technologies in NGOs had 3 categories:

Organizational Development

The winner of this category was OZP Akademie which invented simple application for evidence and administration of educational courses which can be used by purblind and blind people.

Outside Impact

Organization Česká společnost ornitologická (Czech Society for Ornithology) won the Outside Impact category with the story about great use of Microsoft Access for much more effective and quicker monitoring of birds.

Outstanding Story

The biggest Czech NGO – People in Need won the Outstanding Story category with the story about Office 365 implementation in order to improve communication and sharing between employees of the organization and decrease of paperwork.

Best Practices in Using Technologies for Good

In the afternoon, many of the participants attended presentations of various NGOs which showed best practices in using technologies for good. A new activity this year,  “Incubator” was a very popular event where chosen NGOs had the opportunity to discuss their idea or tech problem with IT partners. The activity was highly rated by all the participants and we hope the ideas which were invented and developed by this activity will be soon put into practice.

We are looking forward to another year and don´t hesitate to turn yourself into NGO 4.0! More details: