How to increase outreach and social impact of TechSoup Europe Network partner organizations? We took a challenge and organised a training for our network.

December 2017, TechSoup Europe invited professionals from RNTC to train TS partners’ staff how to reach their audience with persuasive storytelling. 15 partner organisations attended the training and acquired skills and tools to more effectively communicate with target groups.

It was organized, as a part of the ‘Tech for Stories: DIY’  –  an information, media literacy and social campaigning program for NGOs to power up their social impact, and to counter radicalized public discourse across Central and Eastern Europe.

The ‘Tech for Stories: DIY’ program will develop educational components and working methodologies, that should be useful for partners from all countries.

The December course aimed to teach how to find, capture, and engage our audience to tell powerful stories in ways that stick. It also taught us about narratives and learning and why these are essential concepts to persuade any audience. The course enabled us to understand the emotional payoffs we can offer target audiences. It gave us dozens of formats and subtypes of formats which can be combined in a multitude of creative ways to get your stories across. We hope that from now on your stories will have a real impact.

#tech4stories is possible thanks to the generosity of Mott Foundation.