Here is a new and innovative way to make the work of nonprofits known to new people – and open a new channel for fundraising. Airbnb, the first online community to book homes and unique experiences around the world, has just launched its Social Impact Experience in Italy.


What’s it about?

Airbnb’s new social impact experience is a positive way to let Airbnb’s guests learn about social challenges and opportunities to address them by enrolling in programs offered in communities they visit. Guests have the chance to participate in events, initiatives or other activities promoted by local nonprofits.

Airbnb’s Social Impact experience is now available in these Italian cities:

Firenze, Pexels

If your nonprofit meets Airbnb’s eligibility criteria, you can host a social event by organizing meetings, activities and tours locally to make your organization’s activities known to Airbnb guests. 100% of the funds raised with these events will go directly to your organization!

How does it work?

As a nonprofit organization, you can organize activities to let tourists (as well as the people of your city) enter the heart of your cause. Airbnb guests can book your event through Airbnb and your organization will be promoted on the Airbnb platform (visited by millions of visitors every day). You’ll increase the visibility of your nonprofit and gain new ambassadors for your cause!

How is a Social Impact Experience structured?

A social impact experience typically lasts a couple of hours and can take different forms. They can be voluntary activities which allow guests to enjoy a tangible social impact experience, e.g., urban gardening or preparation of meals for refugees. Or you can let your guests learn about your mission through cultural or educational activities – as did DJ lesson with music or a bike tour  in LGBTQ history.


Where to start?

Select a member of your organization (staff member, volunteer, etc.) and set the dates and times you would like to offer your event. Many nonprofits choose to host an event 1 or 2 times a month. You can also set the cost of your event for its participants.

Register on Airbnb  or read more info here and here.

For now, this new service is available in only some cities in Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples and Salerno) and is accessible only by nonprofits registered with TechSoup which meet the eligibility criteria of Airbnb.

You can view a complete list of Airbnb social events by accessing the Airbnb mobile app, selecting Experiences, and filtering for social impact. If you have any questions, write to

Discover Airbnb Social Impact Experience: the new frontier of solidarity tourism offering new fundraising strategies, global visibility and the chance to recruit new ambassadors for your mission!