Together with Civil Network OPORA we kicked off the second edition of Apps4Cities (Дані міст). If you are an NGO from Ukraine, join forces with your local government and apply for Apps4Cities support and trainings!

This time TechSoup Europe and OPORA are focusing on developing open data resources and capacities locally, in close collaboration with public and non-governmental partners from five cities selected in an open call. Apps4Cities builds a unique bridge between local NGOs, civil society and public administration in regards to access to open public data.

After selecting 5 cities (applications from both NGOs and local administration are eligible), the project team together with a local NGO partner organization will organize in each locality:

  1. A series of meetups to catalyze the local support and build community of open data advocates and stakeholders with an aim to involve civil society in the process;
  2. Support for the local authorities in working with data (basics of open data, data cleaning and publishing, including data audits and analysis in each city as well as preparing legal and organizational framework for data management in the future).

Across the five localities, Apps4Cities is also:

  1. Data Academy, a two weekends-long educational program for all open data stakeholders. The aim of the Academy is to provide practical knowledge about data aggregation, visualization, and analysis. Participants will also explore creating an online presence and digital portfolios, developing requirements for digital projects, external promotion of their work, and how to effectively work with social media to engage the community;
  2. Datathons, weekend long events to experiment and play with data to solve real life local social problems. Just because data is opened, does not make it useful or usable. Hosting datathons to prototype an app or tool will provide a concrete and timely example to demonstrate what is possible through the utilization of open data;
  3. Scaling one chosen solution emerged through a series of datathons across the Apps4Cities network and possibly beyond, including abroad locations.


Apps4Cities or “Дані міст” is an initiative of the Civil Network OPORA and TechSoup supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).