By 2021, 82 per cent of global internet traffic will be video content. It takes the human brain 13 milliseconds to process an image – enough time to read one-third of the first letter in this paragraph. Yet most NGO’s don’t think of internet videos as a primary means of spreading their message.

You’re probably thinking: “it’s not that simple”. You’ve already made a few videos and put them on YouTube, only to get 14 views from friends and family. Meanwhile, 27 million people watch a video of some social media star showing off their Lamborghini.

So what’s the secret? Why do some videos take over the internet and others vanish into obscurity? It’s not about advertising. It’s 100% about the content and the way you structure it.

Watch the webinar and learn how:

✅get more views,

✅build a loyal, supportive audience on social media