Meet and Code – micro-grants for nonprofits to organise coding events for young Europeans return virtually! Meet and Code is possible thanks to strategic partnerships and collaborations with SAP,  Stifter-helfen and Techsoup partners in 35 countries. Our initiative helps accelerate commitments to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and will help take massive strides in conquering Europe’s digital divide.

Did you know that *43 percent of Europeans lack basic digital skills with more than 71 million European students needing to develop their digital learning? Startling facts like these, and many more, is what lead SAP, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH and TechSoup Europe to the introduction of Meet and Code in 2017. 

Starting June 1st, Meet and Code invites local nonprofits across Europe to apply for micro-grants to organize events that foster interest in and access to digital skills among young Europeans.

During the last 3 years, more than 138 000 young people took part in nearly 3000 programming events.

The aim of Meet and Code is to help build a world in which every young European has the digital skills required to shape their own future. For the fourth year in a row, Meet and Code is inviting local nonprofits across Europe to submit their coding events for children and young people aged 8-24. Nonprofits from 35 countries can apply online at until September 10, 2020. Each approved event idea will receive a grant of up to 500 euros.

The following 35 countries are eligible thanks to our network of partners: Austria, Germany, Switzerland (Haus des Stiftens)Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg  (SocialWare), Bulgaria (Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Agencija MaŠta), Czech Republic (Sdružení VIA), Denmark, Sweden (FRISE/ TechSoup Nordic Hub), Finland (Allianssi), France (Les Ateliers du Bocage), Greece, Cyprus (Impact Hub), Hungary (NIOK Alapítvány), Ireland (The Wheel), Italy (TechSoup Italy), Latvia (TechSoup Latvia), Lithuania (TechSoup Lithuania), Estonia (TechSoup Estonia), Kazachstan (EFCA), Norway (Lær Kidsa Koding), Poland (Fundacja TechSoup), Portugal (Entrajuda), Romania (Associatia TechSoup), Russian Federation (Teplitsa), Slovakia (Nadacia Pontis), Slovenia (Zavod MISSS), Spain (TechSoup Spain), UK, Malta (Charity Digital), Ukraine (GURT Resource Centre).

Meet and Code Award

Meet and Code is not only about coding. But coding is one of the tools that can help change the world.

We believe that only a diverse and inclusive world can secure our future, hence we try to inspire the young generation to do everything in their power to live in a world with equal opportunities and appreciation. We fight with gender stereotypes and gender gaps in IT and coding. We educate about climate change, air pollution and renewable energy. We care about local communities, our homes and neighborhoods. And finally, we want to make that change with the whole Europe. We cooperate in order to achieve the greatest goals.

The Meet and Code Award honors the most successful event ideas. The goal is to award the most creative and innovative event ideas used by nonprofits to get youngsters excited about coding. Winners of each category will receive 2000 euro prize money.

Submissions will be accepted in the following five categories: Girls do IT!, CommunityDiversity, and Code for the Planet and the novelty in 2020 – Code for Europe.

Who is behind the Meet and Code?

It was co-created by SAP and Haus des Stiftens gGmbH in Munich, which coordinates the grant-giving process, along with the TechSoup Europe network partners.

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Media Contact: Jacek Cygan, TechSoup Europe, Warsaw, Poland