In 2020, Meet and Code extended its reach, included new countries, established new partnerships, new Award category and adjusted to the challenging reality of 2020 -Meet and Code went online.


We could share the joy of coding thanks to the help of the program’s newly appointed partner, Germany‘s Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI).

On 1 July 2020, Germany assumed the presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU). Among the BMI goals for 2020, there is digital transformation and fostering a strong European society. This is why their presence is so valuable for Meet and Code.


BMI’s support contributed and made it possible to extend the project’s scope across the whole of Europe, implementing the 2020 edition in 35 countries.

Also, this year we added a new category to Meet and Code Award – Code for Europe, focused on safe and responsible online media use, tackling disinformation and combating fake news.


Read a guide and organize an online coding event!

The new reality of the Covid pandemic revolutionized not only our project but the whole world. Within weeks, every institution, company, brand and school needed to adjust to the digital environment.

Meet and Code’s goal of the year was to ensure the highest possible level of safety to all the participants and organizers, that’s why the whole project moved online. However, we knew that learning together online is different from learning in real-time. To support the nonprofits taking part in this year’s edition, we not only created a guide (HOW TO TAKE MEET AND CODE ONLINE: PDF GUIDE) but also organized a series of online seminars to make sure that our NGOs have all the tools and resources they need.

How to do great coding online events? Watch the recording with CoderDojo tips and tricks:

Meet and Code 2020 in NUMEBRS:

We’re extremely glad that we managed to organize over one thousand events with a couple of hundreds of NGOs making sure that everybody was safe! Well, how many events did we exactly organize?

Despite numerous difficulties and challenges, we managed to:

Did you know that….