Earlier this year 100 activists, NGO professionals and journalists gathered in Budapest for MEGAPHONE 2019 – a 2-day event which centred around collaborative discussions and peer-to-peer learning. Participants came from 28 countries in Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia to share their experiences from working on the issues such as the environment, women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, watchdogs, human rights, civic engagement and many more.  

MEGAPHONE 2019 in Budapest, Phot. B. Jardany

The greatest source of inspiration are other people, and the power is in networks and informal structures. (participant of MEGAPHONE 2019)

23 amazing session leaders carried out 18 workshops and 2 interactive sessions dedicated to (amongst other topics): community organizing in CEE, fighting apathy and engaging wider audiences, creating podcasts, using digital marketing in times of crisis or methods of carrying out constructive dialogue and even how improv can help activists to be better at their job (a detailed agenda can be found on the website).  

Phot. B.Jardany

This year’s edition of MEGAPHONE is focusing on 3 thematic threads:  

Phot. B. Jardany

MEGAPHONE is all about peer-to-peer learning, sharing ideas and inspirations so starting December 2019 we’ll be releasing a series of podcasts recorded with the session leaders from Budapest. In the New Year, we’re also preparing a series of webinars dedicated to using social media – stay tuned!

Skill and knowledge exchange is important but so is a sense of belonging to a community, group of people who are facing similar challenges and are together trying to overcome them. And hopefully, with MEGAPHONE we are also able to create a space where that can take place because as one of the participants said: 

I realized, once again, that in CSOs people need tech, but, most of all, people need people. And this is something we should never forget.