Normally, this time of the year we would be making travel arrangements for over 100 activists from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia to come together at the MEGAPHONE 2020 event in one of the European cities. But this year has been nothing like normal that is why, for everyone’s safetyMEGAPHONE 2020 will be happening online. All the participants will meet for a live event on the 20th of November which will be followed by a week of hands-on workshops (23-27th of November).  

These past months have been very difficult for everyone. Even more so if we think about the fact that we don’t really know what the future will look like. That is why TechSoup Europe team has created an agenda that will allow participants to reflect on what has happened (with sessions about what does leadership in the great unknown mean, how a state of not only pandemic but also infodemic affected us, and how outrage is something that we as activists but also our constituencies will be feeling on a scale greater than ever and how not to be afraid of that feeling but instead work with it) and what can we do to face what’s coming (with talks about making “good trouble” and specific strategies designed with the great unknown in mind).

It’s MEGAPHONE so we also aimed at providing a  very hands-on, practical experience with 10 workshops on everything from how not to die during online meetings, how to use artivism in your activists’ approach to ways of moving your org to the next level of digital organizing as well as basic rules of digital well-being in the times when most of our lives are spent in front of screens.  

This year will be different but we’re trying our best to create a space where the participants we’ll be able to meet, exchange experiences of these extremely difficult last few months as well as learn skills necessary to move forward and re-start in this new reality we’re all facing.  

The event has a limited number of spots but we’ll be preparing and distributing materials also for those who will not be able to make it “in person” 

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