We’re launching a 4-episode webinar series dedicated to helping activists and NGO professionals better navigate the all-mighty world of social media. Save the date! We start on February 20, always at 13.00 (CET).

2020 is here and it brings challenges to activists, also in the sphere of ever-changing social-media landscape. We want to support you by bringing you practice-based knowledge as well as useful tips and tricks from our experts.

Learn how to make engaging videos (also about complicated topics), have a ready to use strategy in case of “emergencies” in your field (another big scandal, people on the streets again)and take advantage of the momentum, know how to tell your stories using e.g. TikTok. Also – give yourself and your organization an overview of what is going to happen on the very many social-media platforms in the upcoming months and what does it mean to changemakers.

This all is brought to you by MEGAPHONE – initiative of TechSoup Europe, through which we answer the modern communications challenges that NGOs and activists from Central and Eastern Europe face. If you couldn’t be with us during our conferences in Cluj-Napoca (2018) or in Budapest (2019), this is a great opportunity to join the MEGAPHONE community and benefit from know-how from around the region.

The webinar will take 45 minutes with 15 minute Q&A round at the end. Register and join us for free here (it takes just 1 minute).


Always Thursdays, always at 13:00 (CET)



20.02 – Achim Scarlat
“Making Videos that Spread”
More: https://www.facebook.com/events/211115299928689/ 
Registration: https://bit.ly/31Ez5zc






5.03 – Francišak Viačorka
“Social Media Trends 2020:
what activists, journalists and influencers need to know”

Registration: https://bit.ly/2ShmRcZ







19.03 – Maria Maciocha

“Vertical storytelling”

Registration: https://bit.ly/2tJt5IW



2.04 – Mark Samoil

“Digital Marketing in a Time of Fire”

Registration: https://bit.ly/3bqBvpB