It feels like the world is going to hell: but there is hope, and we need that hope to make change happen. We don’t have to let populists set the agenda nor make it our job to constantly respond to what they say (and in the process further heighten the visibility of their own narrative). We can tell our own story, based on our shared values and a clear idea of what future we are asking people to join us in building, and make that the prevailing narrative. How? Watch the recording of the webinar with Krizna Gomez from Hope-based Comms “Changing your Narrative Hope, Futures and Power” from April 8, 2021.

Making our own narrative and being consistent in saying it, instead of answering the “itch” of responding to our detractors, requires discipline (a lot of it!), a systematic and creative way of seeing and talking about our work, and some inspiring examples. Hope is goal-oriented thinking, and it isn’t just about making people feel good–we need to give them a concrete sense of what actions they can undertake towards a future we have confidence in bringing about.

Combining hope-based communications with foresight (or futures thinking) is a smart strategy for grounding the way we work, the choices we make, and yes, the messages we communicate, in a vision of the world we want to achieve and the values we stand for. This is the only way we can avoid responding constantly to what populists and authoritarians throw at us. We will start you on the journey to creating your own narrative that you can use to change the story and win the hearts and minds of your audience.


Here are Krizna’s slides and some additional reading that she recommended:


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