TechSoup Europe’s partner from Ukraine – GURT Resource Centre developed a free mobile app GURT.Media. It is a convenient working tool for civil journalists and activists working in the information domain. The GURT.Media mobile app gives journalists and activists tips on writing journalistic articles and preparing audio content and presentations, which allows increased visibility.


GURT.Media app gives access to recommendations in the domain of public journalism, public radio journalism, and the creation of presentations that call to action. These materials enable the mastery of effective communication skills. Skills you will find in the application GURT.Media include how to choose a topic, where to look for information, how to plan work step-by-step and what promotion tips to use.

The section “Public Journalism” provides tips on becoming a public reporter and will be especially useful to those who highlight or seek to cover socially important events.

The section “Public Radio Journalism” is addressed to active citizens looking for new channels of socially useful information dissemination.

The section “Presentation that calls to action” will help you create bright presentations that become key to implementing changes in your community.

The app is available for Android and iOS platforms by the GURT Resource Centre as a part of the special media project “Information for conscious action: hear the voice of people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine”.