Got stacks of documents and crowd to help out digitize them? Moonsheep digitizes massive collections of documents into structured data through crowdsourcing and cutting-edge technology.

MPs in Hungary are hiding their assets in scanned PDFs preventing the data from being analysed. By using Moonsheep, K-Monitor, Hungarian anti-corruption grass root NGO, showed that data liberation is not a rocket science. With a few dozens volunteers they liberated the data just hours after the publication and published it in an open, searchable and comparable database.

Photograph of Attila Juhász
During one short night our dozens of volunteers transformed more than 2000 pages of scanned PDFs into one searchable and transparent database. Moonsheep is the engine that made this process seamless and successful.
Attila Juhász, project coordinator

Where Moonsheep can help:

  • Project planning
Helping you define the vision of a success, set achievable goals and timelines, and define Moonsheep data analysis goals.
  • Collecting data

Consulting on the best practices in document digitalisation, finding and combining complementary data sources and ways how to archive scanned originals to preserve them.

  • Creating a digitisation flow

We can help you design the digitisation process, define metadata, categories, and content to transcribe, define validation and quality levels, and customize the UI for crowdsourcing.

  • Managing crowdsourcing

We offer start-to-finish support in organizing offline volunteer events. Including outreach, community management, and training. We also offer integration of Moonsheep with fee-based microtasking services to deliver transcription on a tight deadline.

  • Analysis

On top of basic reporting that comes with Moonsheep dashboard, we offer to code a custom reports and browsing capabilities. Raw data is rarely a goal in itself. We can do a data-analysis and help find the information you are looking for.


Moonsheep is a tool made by activists from TransparenCEE, community of non-profit, IT, and media organizations that use technology for better transparency, accountability, and governance in the Central and Eastern Europe region. TechSoup Europe is a part of this network.